We deal with many operators in the wireless business including radio stations, mobile phone operators and wireless broadband operators.


Many companies are now starting to see the benefits in linking premises using wireless systems. Leased lines can be very expensive, however, using a wireless solution can give high bandwidth and a very low operating cost.

It's your call

Towernet can work with you on whatever level you require. If necessary we can provide a complete turnkey solution by putting together a team of professionals that will connect your premises. On the other hand you may be quite capable of installing and maintaining your own wireless network in which case we would be delighted to provide you with our high sites.

Is it possible?

In most cases you will need a line of sight (LOS) to one of our high sites in order for your new network to function. We can plan networks and calculate link availability prior to visiting your site using a computer model. If this passes the test then a physical LOS survey would need to be undertaken before a link can be installed.